How we achieve it

In Nigeria, Agro-Park Foods and Spices is adding value to the agricultural sector, production and consumers. We are working to achieve food self-sufficiency by making sure there are investments that aid the smooth running of the Agricultural value chain down to the consumers of these agricultural produce. By being food self-sufficient, we are reducing importation of crops that can be grown in Nigeria and exporting finished agriculture produce to other nations. We aim to achieve food self-sufficiency, food security and food sustainability in Nigeria.

Towards a healthier nation

Agro-Park Foods and Spices is concerned about healthy living that is why all our products (meats and spices) are naturally grown. We are aware that healthy people are assets to the nation so we encourage healthy eating to ensure that we are all creative and productive in every facets of life. That’s why we’ve decided to package and produce our products not just to be healthy alone but also to be affordable so people can eat healthy without having to spend much.