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We are all about good food and healthy living. Agro-Park Foods and Spices is not just concerned about people having good food to eat, we are concerned about your health and how affordable this food is to your pockets. Above all, we know that healthy eating would ensure a healthier nation.

Booku is a result of enormous research and intense desire to improve on the existing meat production system in Nigeria. With no antibiotics, no growth hormones and other synthetics, Booku meats are 100% naturally bred with focus on producing a healthier, tastier and affordable meats for all.



Banow spice emphasizes on the amazing experience of the Nigerian herbs and spices which has been underutilized over time. This healthy Nigerian herbs and spices can be used for medicine, cooking, pleasure and we can incorporate them in our everyday life.


why choose us

At Agro-Park food and Spices, your wellbeing is our uttermost priority. We realize that wealth outside health is frustrating, that’s why we have come to give you that healthy meal which will not just satisfy you but lift your soul.

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    Our food products are processed to the right hygienic standard and done in a clean environment. We don’t just sell food products, we sell quality.

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    We believe that everyone should have a meal that is rich in essential nutrients, that ensures balance diet. We sell product that benefits the body.

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    Food is a basic need for man. Everyone deserves a healthy meal that’s why our products are affordable and pocket friendly.


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